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Surrendered Balance: Daily Living for the Modern Christian Woman

Do you live a fast paced and hectic life? Is your relationship with God suffering because of it? Imagine living a life of balance, in the flow of God’s will even while you’re always on the go. It is possible to flourish and have fulfillment in both your spiritual life and natural life without feeling as if you are neglecting either one. It comes by way of surrendered balance.

A modern Christian woman is someone who balances all of her responsibilities - family, career, friendship, ministry to others, and caring for herself all while keeping the Lord at the center of her life. If you are a Christian woman this book Surrendered Balance; Daily Living for the Modern Christian Woman was written for you.

Hermina Krista Pettiford is a full-time working mother and the women’s ministry leader of her local church - New Covenant Tabernacle located San Diego where she lives with her family. She has a B. A. in Biblical Studies from Southern California Seminary and an Associate's of Science in Information Technology. She has been called by God to the ministry of prophetic worship and intercession.

Learn more about the author - Hermina Krista Pettiford at her website:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Black Pearls Magazine - Interview with Nanette M. Buchanan

Interviewed by founder, Ella D. Curry

Meet Nanette M. Buchanan -- An Author with New Drama, Page after Page

Nanette M. Buchanan was born, raised and educated in Newark, New Jersey. After graduating from Arts High School in Newark she attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It was then that she first set her pen to pad, written expressions of her love for poetry. She is a proud mother, wife and grandmother, now residing in Somerset, New Jersey. This dynamic author is looking forward to making writing a full time career after retiring from her current position with the State of New Jersey.

Her pad to pen accomplishments include three volumes of poetry; Thoughts, Thoughts & Reflections, and Quiet Times; five children stories and seven novels. Nanette’s first published work and debut novel was Family Secrets….Lies & Alibis.

Since then the publication of the sequel, “A Different Kind of Love” and the release of her first volume of poetry, “Thoughts” an e-book hit the market. In October of 2009, Nanette’s murder mystery, “Bruised Love” was released. It is her goal to become a successful author without limits. Writing and producing plays that feature her poems as well as adaptations of her novels on the “big screen”.

Nanette is a member of Shared Thoughts Book Club and Authors Supporting Authors. She is the hostess of ASA’s Blog Talk Internet Radio Show which broadcasts each month interviewing authors, discussing literary events, publications and promotions, The author is available for personal appearances, chats and signings.


Nanette: Bruised Love holds a written message about bad relationships. Cassandra Smith, whom the story is evolved around, her mother Mary Smith, best friend Trina Slater, her lover Trevor Black, and lifelong friend Lamont Dearling are involved in relationships that are now connected and have an effect on major changes in their lives. The novel asks the question, “When love leaves a bruise, does it ever heal?”


Nanette: No, but they could be. The story is not based on any one particular but the situations could be a part of anyone’s life.


Nanette: A poem I wrote years ago entitled “Ms. Smith”. The poem talks about a young woman with four children walking in her neighborhood. When she’s spotted from a distance by a neighbor, the neighbor questions what the woman has been through and how she continues on in spite of it. So many of us carry on in spite of how we feel. Cassandra depicts that force that keeps us going regardless of what others think or our emotional turmoil.


Nanette: The book has a little of it all. I love a good suspenseful murder mystery. This novel deals with the emotions that when pushed will cause you to take it over the edge. The psyche of those who kill has also held my attention and in “Bruised Love” I wanted the reader to be stirred by both the psyche and the emotional connection of the characters. It’s a who-done-it murder mystery.


Nanette: I’m really excited about the upcoming year. Last year held many rewarding experiences, plenty of researching, and learning. My plans are to incorporate it all into this year’s projects. I am looking to publish children stories as well as putting my poems in book format. My next novel is entitled “Skeletons…Beyond Closed Doors” to be released in June or July 2010.

Books by Author Nanette M. Buchanan
Bruised Love
Family Secrets, Lies & Alibis
A Different Kind of Love

Books are available wherever books are sold and online:

Contact Information
• Website: http://www.ipendesigns.net
• View the Video Postcard: http://www.audioacrobat.com/note/CR5Q90VQ

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Money Matters - Virtual Tour Stop with Shay Olivarria

Finally, a workbook that makes money management simple! This easy-to-read workbook from personal financial literacy coach and professional speaker Shay Olivarria explains topics such as savings, goal setting, credit reports, credit scoring, net worth and retirement vehicles for the everyday person.

As the old saying goes, "time is money" and with this workbook you can save quite a bit of both. The enclosed worksheets help you understand your financial situation and provide the necessary guidance to get your finances under control.

In these tough times we must be proactive with our own futures and take control of our money; with Money Matters: The Get It Done in 1 Minute Workbook we can do just that.


Shay Olivarria is a speaker, financial literacy coach, former foster care youth and author of Money Matters: The Get It Done in 1 Minute Workbook. As an ambassador for financial freedom, Shay travels all over the country to educate people on responsible financial decisions. Her financial workshops focus on a number of topics, including money management, credit scoring, credit reports, net worth, investment accounts, and retirement accounts.

She has partnered with several community organizations including Independent Lens, Promise House of Dallas, Texas, Los Angeles Urban League, and the Latino Student Business Association of the University of Southern California. Shay writes a “Money Matters” column for SquareRootz.net, and she is currently finishing her second book “7 Money Rules to Help You Lead a Happy Life”.

Shay earned her Bachelor of Arts degree (Anthropology major, Business Management minor) from California State University – Dominguez Hills. For more information on Shay and her organization, go to www.BiggerThanYourBlock.com

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5 Secrets for Dating in the New Year

A New Year and a New You. Dating is as old as molasses; however, there are new ideas and perceptions when it comes to dating in this hi-tech day and age. Many are single or are recently getting out relationships and marriages. If you are just joining the dating scene as a woman, there are some important things to consider before you go on that first date.

1. Love Yourself First
If you are depressed or have low self-esteem, you need to deal with that immediately before you even think about entering the dating scene. Do not think that dating someone and searching for love is going to cure your low self-esteem or depression. It will not. In fact, getting involved with someone while you’re low on self-love may very well make you feel worse.

Don’t be so desperate to jump into a relationship, because when we are low on self-love, we sometimes have too many expectations of another, and we rely on someone else, like a man to make us feel loved. Men can sometimes notice these types of women. They are usually the ones who will go all out of their way to please a man’s every need, and will sleep with a man too quickly.

These men may very well take advantage of you, or say things that sound wonderful, but actually, they don’t really mean a word of it. It boils down to a man’s actions that will bring his true colors out. Always love yourself first. That is Rule #1. Loving yourself first is a beautiful quality that any real man will appreciate. Continue Reading by clicking here...

Tinisha Nicole Johnson is an author, writer, and poet. “5 Secrets for Dating in the New Year” is based off her non-fiction, self-help book Lessons Learned: Loving Yourself as a Black Woman. Tinisha also hosts political and sports teleconferences as a profession. Learn more and connect with the author at her website: www.tinishanicolejohnson.com

Stayed tuned to Tinisha's April Virtual Book Tour….Visit her website to check out where she'll be…More information to come…

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The King of Relationships - Greg L. Henderson

If you missed tonight’s show, than you missed a fantastic show. Luckily, you can listen to the archive show here:

Host Allyson M. Deese and co-host Tinisha Nicole Johnson talked with the man who calls himself “The King of Relationships.” We asked him intimate questions about dating and relationships, and he answered them.

ASA Blog Talk Radio show airs the third Saturday of every month at 8:00pm ET. You can call in Live at: 347-838-9985 or listen and chat online: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/asa-blog-talk

The Fantasy Master by Greg L. Henderson

Jasmine is a loyal, hardworking professional woman who enjoys the company of good friends, especially her best friend Renee. Unfortunately for Jasmine, all is not well at home. Her once passionate relationship with her boyfriend Lewis is now shrouded by secrets. After Jasmine and Renee uncover what Lewis has been doing while working late nights, she kicks the love of her life out of her life.

After time has passed, Jasmine meets Anthony, a man who takes her away from reality. She’s convinced she has met her soul mate and feels emotionally ready to give herself to Anthony. But Lewis is determined to ruin her new start with him. And now a lover from Lewis’ past will reveal a devastating secret to Jasmine, which may potentially take her away from Anthony, the master of all of her fantasies. The Fantasy Master allows readers the opportunity to laugh, cry, and rejoice. It lets you address the emotional situation everyone experiences in real life and permits you to reflect on their significance. The Fantasy Master will keep you on the edge of your seat as you wonder what could possibly happen next.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Office Affairs - Caramel Vixen

Plus size beauty, Allysia has accomplished a lot but yet she feels a void. Will she open her heart and accept love or will she only open her legs?

Davis is a single, hard working father. He lost his wife to cancer. Davis doesn't date. The one woman he wants won't give him the time of day. If Allysia would only open her heart to Davis, he would fill that void in her life.

Office Affairs is a funny, erotic novel about love and the discovery of self worth!”

ISBN-10: 0-9818094-6-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-9818094-6-5

Caramel Vixen is a native of North Carolina, where she resides with her family. She also juggles being a full time student and computer lab tutor on her campus.

Caramel Vixen’s debut short story “Ready For Love” was featured in the anthology Mocha Chocolate: A Taste of Ecstasy. “Ready for Love is now a novella available online at www.ladyleopublishing.org/readyforlove-caramelvixen.html Also available at Lady Leo Publishing by Caramel Vixen is “No Matter What” and “Mr. Magic Fingers”

Caramel ‘s debut Novella Office Affairs was originally published in e-book format from Lady Leo Publishing. Ms. Vixen is extremely proud to announce that her “baby” Office Affairs is now a novel available now from Xpress Yourself Publishing.

Ms. Vixen’s latest work is short story, “Merriest Time of All” featured in After Dark Delights anthology. She is currently working on her next novel, Things I Learned from His Father.


Meet the sexy, Davis Jackson

Davis Jackson is a hot commodity, and why wouldn’t he be? I want him, too. He's sexy as sin, with a heart of gold as well as other organs. I've had women of all ages, races, and marital statuses, ask me if Davis Jackson really existed, and if so, where was he, because they wanted him!!! Or at least wanted his single brother. Unfortunately, Davis only has eyes and a heart for Allysia, the BBW (big beautiful woman) of his dreams. Here’s an excerpt from Davis? point of view. Enjoy!

(Disclaimer: The following excerpt is explicit and for mature audiences only.)

Davis was sleeping soundly in the king-sized bed that he once shared with Carmen, his departed wife. God, how he missed that beautiful woman! At the same time, he longed for Allysia. Had Carmen been alive he wouldn’t see Allysia as anything more than a friend. As sexy as that woman was his devotion to his wife was dear to his heart. But Carmen wasn’t alive.

Cancer had taken her away from him and his attraction to Allysia was very real. Davis had dreamt of Carmen. She had given him her approval of Allysia. And no sooner than he took her into his arms she disappeared into the same thin air from where she appeared. This time he wasn’t sad though. This time he felt at peace. And when a very thick, sexy, and sassy Allysia appeared, he felt horny as hell and they made passionate love for hours on end.

"Get off of me, Davis! I wanna swallow every drop," Allysia instructed him, her voice filled with passion.

He loved her take-charge attitude. Just before he released his love juices in Allysia's mouth, Carmen appeared in the doorway with tears rolling down her face. Before he could run to her and grab her, she disappeared. Davis awoke in a cold sweat with tears running down his face. He looked over at his alarm clock. It was just ten minutes before time to get up and get Tyshawn ready for school. He got up and went to the bathroom to wash his face. The last thing he wanted was for Tyshawn to see him crying. He then went back into his bedroom, turned off the alarm clock, and headed down the hallway to wake his son.

Thank you for taking the time to read this excerpt from Office Affairs by Caramel Vixen

To purchase the novel in its entirety visit Xpress Yourself Publishing http://www.xpressyourselfpublishing.org/caramelvixen.html

Visit the official book website: www.officeaffairs.webs.com