Monday, January 14, 2008

Review on "Consequences: When Love is Blind" ***** 5 Stars

Title: Consequences: When Love is Blind by Linda R. Herman

Reviewed by: Jennifer

APOOO: 4.5
Amazon: 5

Title: Secret Life

There are so many things killing the African American community. Consequences: When Love is Blind by Linda R. Herman is an eye opening novella. Sade and Andre Peters have what is the epitome of what a perfect marriage is supposed to be, she an author and he an agent for NFL players. Life changes for the high school sweethearts on their seventeenth wedding anniversary. Someone was too blind to see past wedded bliss and love.

Herman creates a woman with strength and compassion, who takes something which should have made her bitter and used it to empower others just like her. She decided to write her life story while Andre lived with his head in the clouds, pretending what was their fate, was not true.

I wish this was a longer piece, however, sometimes it is better said with less words and Linda R. Herman executed the message flawlessly. At the end of the story, there is a sneak peek of the sequel, Consequences: The Life She Chose. I cannot wait to read it. I recommend Consequences" When Love is Blind to anyone interested in a quick read with an important message.

Jennifer Coissiere
APOOO BookClub

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