Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Silent Scream by Patricia Yarbrough

Author, Patricia Yarbrough Biography

A of Mother of three beautiful daughters, Shundra, Julia and Starla and one son Julius. I was born in Tuskegee Virginia. Later moved to Washington D.C. where I graduated from Eastern Senior High School. My love and passion for writing prompted me to write my first novel
A Silent Scream.

After the subsequent death of Kenny my life became an everyday struggle. I shared my pain with who ever would listen. I felt I was alone, I felt I had to hide my pain from the world. I felt no no-one understood. Little did I know there was a lot of people who understood and care about me.

In spite of my pain and suffering everyday there was a parent crying, feeling the same way I had been for years. I prayed for her because I knew her pain, I knew what she was going through. Every time I heard on the news of a child murdered I felt the need to go and be with that parent. I knew what she needed more than anyone and that was a hug.

I 'm a momma’s girl, I'm a daddy's girl I love my momma and daddy more than anyone in the world. She was my rock, she was everything to me. When Kenny died my momma prayed and cried for me everyday. I leaned on her everyday, she would say to be everyday read the twenty third psalms. I didn't want to hear that Kenny was murdered. Nothing made sense to me anymore.

My mom passed on May 16,1996, I no longer had a rock. God removed her so that he could do the impossible in my life. As much as I believed my mom could do anything she couldn't fix my broken heart, only God could. As angry as I had been with God for allowing Kenny to die and now my mom I had to turn to him for the impossible. It was impossible for me to go without Kenny and now without my mom.

I remembered what she said to me a many days and that was to finish your book. I did and I Thank God for the encouraging words from such a powerful, loving woman in the whole world.
I am on a mission to help everyone who has walked the lonely path of the death of a child. It is the worst pain you can ever feel in your life. If you never walked this path be blessed and if you have to walk this path remember I am there for you.

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