Friday, February 8, 2008

The Inspiration Behind ALL THAT GLITTERS

DL what inspired you to write All That Glitters?

DL Sparks:
The inspiration behind ALL THAT GLITTERS was driven strictly off of self-worth. So many women get caught up in things that aren’t right because they feel they aren’t “good enough” for anything else. And that’s just not true. I wanted to convey a message showing the readers that no matter how far off course you get, you can always get back on track.

Sometimes it takes something drastic to get people to see the light, for Santee it was her friend’s murder, but for others it may be something as small as wanting to mend a broken family tie. My best friend was abducted in July 2007 because she ended up trying to play the game that the streets of Atlanta offers, and unfortunately she lost because the streets play for keeps.

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