Wednesday, June 11, 2008


As HIV continues its rise in the African American communities, I, Linda R. Herman like many others have made an informed decision to stand with Magic (Johnson).
Check out, and decide where you stand in this fight against HIV/AIDS. Together we can make a difference; saving lives.
Linda R. Herman is author of, Consequences: When Love is Blind.

Life for Sade Peters is picture perfect. With a fabulous home in upscale Atlanta, Georgia, Sade is living the life most of society only read about in magazines.

A successful novelist, Sade is married to the man of her dreams, Andre Peters, an equally successful sports agent. Couple that with a set of fraternal twins, and you have all the makings of the contemporary modern day Huxtables.

However, what life looks like from the outside, may not necessarily match the inner workings of this household. The Down Low is a real and earth-shattering truth, and Sade’s happiness abruptly ends when she is faced with this reality.

Life as Sade knows it changes within the blink of an eye when she soon discovers that both she and her husband are HIV positive.

Imagine walking through life in Sade’s shoes. What happens when the men we trust commit the ultimate betrayal? Who is to blame when faith and trust is tested tremendously?

In Linda's words:

"I've written many stories but none so far that are more dear to my heart than Consequences.

The reason this story touches my heart so much is because daily we hear, read, and some of us actually see how HIV is impacting our lives.

Parents are burying their kids; children are burying parents; and overall, we're losing the people we love simply because we're not educating ourselves and each other about HIV."
-- Linda R. Herman, author of Consequences: When Love is Blind.

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vickiwe said...


Very informative post! May God bless your for being such a strong HIV advocate in the AA community!

Victoria Wells

Hazel said...

You are an inspiration. May your tireless dedication to this deadly epidemic continue to inspire and to educate not only the African American community but also the world.