Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 2 of Nia Promotions' Virtual Launch: Books Shape Our Lives

Whether it’s to escape our worries or to impart knowledge, literature modifies our perception of love, it engrosses our senses in an erotic thriller or deepens our knowledge of the Buffalo Soldiers. And with every word, on every page of a good book, we take something away.

African-American literature, or black literature, regardless of the genre is extremely important to what I do daily. And it causes me consider my feeling towards reading from both the prospective of a book marketer and as a reader.

Daily we connect with writers—authors, poets and even business professionals eager to revamp web copy; each one seeking to move us in a unique way. Thus, in reverence of awesome literature, I’d like to consider some of the books that have influenced me.

Book 1: Three Perfect Men by Evelyn Palfrey

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