Monday, September 15, 2008

EDC Creations Presents....Pat G'Orge-Walker

First, I'd like to thank ASA for the opportunity to support a common cause. It's important that authors come together, for the greater good, which is ... supporting literacy and our craft.

Having said all of the above....Why can't we come together?

It is important that we share news, experiences and every so often-- give a literary hug to one another. How do we do it? I'd like to give an example.

In the mid to late 1990's I was blessed to create friendships with online Guru's such as Dr. Maxine Thompson, Delores Thornton and Dr. Rosie Milligan. I mention those three although there were several others. However, for the purpose of this piece...they're the standouts.

Dr. Maxine Thompson: Without so much as a face-to-face meeting with many of the authors at that time she freely shared information. Long before there was the Dr. Maxine Thompson radio show, there was the Maxine Thompson's "Black Butterfly" newsletter. In that newsletter, she freely shared promotional ideas, marketing strategies, and most importantly, secrets to the craft of writing. Notice I said, "Free."

Delores Thornton: Delores Thornton created the first Nationwide Authors Support Group. She made it her mission to help self-published authors gain entry into libraries, Independent bookseller lists, as well as hosting online Writing Symposiums.. She encouraged authors nationwide to send their promotional items to each other for distribution wherever they went. In doing so authors on one side of the nation could have authors on the other side promote their books along with their own. And, it was done long before the rise in gasoline and air travel. It was done to handle a need for greater cross promotion and exposure. There were also large posters created with the bookcovers of many authors. Those posters were displayed at various events. "Free"

Dr. Rosie Milligan: Dr. Rosie Milligan was and is a "One Stop" for self publishing. She does everything from writing syndicated columns reflecting the current atmosphere for self-publishing as well as how to navigate the precarious industry lane to success. She's also the owner of Milligan Bookstore on Manchester Avenue in Los Angeles, CA. Every year, Dr. Milligan hosts the "Black Writers On Tour" event. It is an event where there is no stone left unturned on the self-publishing landscape. Although there is a registration fee for the event... the wealth of knowledge and contacts far exceeds the initial layout.

**Note: It was because of Dr. Milligan's generosity and need to help self-published authors that my initial "Sister Betty, God's Calling You" short story book landed a major publishing deal. Dr. Milligan took the initial book and placed it in our Ingram catalogue to ensure it's exposure.I would like to delve into more specificity in my next blog...

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Somewhat Saved
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Crusin' On Desperation
2007 AALBS Best Comedy of the Year
2007 Disilgold Best Gospel Comedy of the Year
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