Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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10 Different Great Ways To Help Your Child Become An Excited Little Reader!
by Leketha Marie Johnson

Reading is Fun & it's Free!Reading is fundamental for our children if they are to grow up to be educated, articulate, and analytical by nature. The natural enjoyment of reading books has to start at a young age so it becomes a life long habit that's not easily broken. As parents, we can start making an early investment in the importance of reading for our kids in order to reap all of the educational benefits that follow there after.

Not to mention that reading is a source of fun for your little one's and it can be a source of free entertainment as well. Children will learn how to use their minds and imaginations as they read about other's experiences whether fiction or nonfiction. Books help to develop their little characters as they learn about life and how to apply their thinking skills.

Start taking advantage of the free entertainment that book reading provides today. Any of the following are great ways to introduce natural reading habits into your children's lives:

1. Take Children to the local library and check out numerous free books that interest them. Various libraries let you check out up to 25 - 30 books at a time. What a good deal!

2. For books that you've already purchased, get a picnic basket and blanket for a day of relaxing and reading at your neighborhood park or beach. Of course they will want to play too, so just dedicate a small window to relaxing together with a good, fun book.

3. When driving in the car or on your next outing, play games by helping your little one's figure out what large bill boards are advertising. If you're in a restaurant, let them read the little kiddy menu on their own. They will feel super grown up as they order their own food.

4. Bargain shop at flea markets or garage sales. OK, this is not totally free but with the deals you find at these places, it's pretty close to it. One friend of mine shops at a swap meet in Orange County, Ca.. with her two daughters once a month and finds books in great condition for as little as 25 cents. An added bonus is her daughter's end up really looking forward to this monthly trip.

5. For internet fun, there's various web-sites that offer free books online such as Your child can log on and read several stories online at no cost - it's free.

You can read more at and be sure to share any ideas that you may have to help increase literacy for all children everywhere.

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