Friday, May 1, 2009

How Strong Are You?

Surprisingly, most don't realize their true inner strength. Not until their backs are up against a wall and they've completely run out of options. For some, initially panic sets in, desperation and lack of faith. Some even find themselves settling for less due to their fears, insecurities or non-productive, addictive desires. What if your life began with complete uncertainty and your nature persuaded you to take unnecessary risk? You know, Rebellious!"

What if your kindness was constantly being taken for granted? What if what you wanted most, seemed to always evade your grasp, and you had enough to get by, but never enough to get ahead. What if you were humiliated, degraded, abused and lead astray? What if you had it all, lost it all, them amazingly, re-gained it all back again? What if you were Marie Antionette? What if you were A Girl Named Job? (For clarification purposes, Job is pronunced Job as in the Biblical Charcter, not one's employment.)

One never knows his or her true strength, until they are put to the test. Do you have the endurance of A Girl Named Job?

A Girl Named Job is the new,self published release by Marie Antionette. Readers have called it "Inspiring," "Refreshingly Candid," and "a page turning read that grasp your attention from the beginning." So what are you waiting for? This is no ordinary biography, A Girl Named Job defines the term "tell all!."

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