Monday, May 4, 2009

As we celebrate our mothers

On Sunday, May 10, 2009, mothers all over the world will be celebrated in honor of their special day.

As we celebrate our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and those special women in our lives, let’s keep in mind that they’re worthy of our love and appreciation each and ever day.

The calendar gives mothers one special day out of the year but by God’s grace, mothers give us 365 days strong. Who makes sure the home runs smoothly; the house, no matter how big or small is kept clean, and there is always food? Yes, mother does all that and more.

Let’s celebrate these special women in our lives each and every day and remember that being a mother isn’t all about giving birth; it’s all about sacrificing a part of yourself for the benefit of another human being.

After the gift of life, the greatest gift I’ve received is prayer. Never underestimate the power of prayer. This Mother’s Day, be inspired to share stories of love, hope, and triumph-Somebody Prayed for Me is available now at online retailers and should be requested at every bookstore and library in the country.

Happy Mother’s Day and God bless!

Linda R. Herman,
Author of Consequences

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